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Upholstery Cleaning Portland

The First Choice in Quality Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning portlandWhen you want quality upholstery cleaning in Portland at an affordable price, contact the professional cleaning experts at First Choice Janitorial Services. Upholstered furniture can wear over time, and quite often, you inherit it or buy it second-hand.The fabric may smell bad, become discolored by stains, or simply look worn. Whether it started that way when you bought it or looks that way now, our services can make your furniture and carpets feel fresh and vibrant again. Before buying new furniture or reupholstering, consider First Choice Janitorial, the first choice in professional upholstery cleaners.

Our furniture cleaning service uses a variety of effective cleaning processes to keep your furniture looking new. When you need professional upholstery cleaning services, contact the friendly team at First Choice Janitorial today!

Friendly Cleaning Solutions For Portland

Portland is a hub city of the Northwest. It’s developed a reputation for being a fun, exciting, sustainable place to live. With so many options for entertainment, it’s easy to see why more and more people come to Portland every single day.

Highlights include the gorgeous and sprawling Pittock Mansion. With regular tours and a fully restored interior, this amazing estate takes you back to Portland‘s early days as a settler’s paradise.

And it’s for all these reasons and more we are proud to provide our specialty cleaning services to Portland homes and businesses. With such a thriving metropolis, the need for clean furniture is a must. That’s why you can count on First Choice to be, well, your first choice for professional cleaning service technicians.

Upholstery Cleaning Benefits

  • Bring back visual appeal – Professional upholstery cleaning helps the fabric of your furniture and carpets look new again. Extensively trained and using the latest green methods, our upholstery cleaners’ best practices ensure results. We can remove any dirt or stains from the material.
  • Bring back fresh scents – Scents can become trapped in the fabric over time. Sprays can take care of it in the short term, but it always comes back. Quality cleanings actually remove scent-causing particles that create bad-smelling odors.
  • Provide longevity – The best way to take care of your upholstery is with regular professional cleaning services. Microscopic dust and dirt wear and tear on upholstery over time. These micro-abrasions dull and thin fabric. A high frequency of upholstery cleaning removes them and can also remove old and pesky stains, helping your furniture and carpets to last.

With so many great reasons to get upholstery cleaning in Portland, now is a perfect time. Call (503) 406-9222 or contact us today.