Green Cleaning Portland

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning Portland
With so many chemical-laden options it’s easy to forget that nature produces some wonderful cleaning agents on its own. With how often you touch your desk, mouse, countertops, and other areas in your home and workplace, wouldn’t it be nice to know you aren’t transferring those same chemicals onto your person? When you want professional green cleaning in Portland that puts your health and the environment first, choose First Choice Janitorial Services. Our team┬ácan provide environmentally friendly cleaning for your home or business.

Green Cleaning Services

With new green cleaning products hitting the market every day, it’s even easier to provide exceptional cleaning without harmful and corrosive chemicals. Our green cleaning in Portland extends to every service our traditional cleaning methods cover. Whereas conventional products are often petroleum-based, our employees use the same green cleaning methods we trust in our own homes.

Green Cleaning Portland OR
Please note: Some greener cleaning products may not have the same effectiveness on specific stubborn stains. If that occurs we will offer alternative methods.

We don’t just provide outstanding green cleaning in Portland though, we offer outstanding customer service as well for homes and businesses alike. With efficient, friendly service, our staff of green cleaners is committed to providing customers peace of mind through the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Whether you need green cleaning in your home or commercial property, call (503) 406-9222 or contact us today for green cleaning in Portland.


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